Suppose developing an open heat grid is easy and the process runs smoothly. You and local stakeholders can then set up an energy grid supplied, for example, by residual heat from industrial processes, geothermal energy or biogas. In other words, an open grid with easy access for larger and smaller producers, suppliers and buyers alike.

This is what HEAT is about. You and other stakeholders enter a true-to-life virtual environment representing your city or neighbourhood to discover how you can design and develop a heat grid, based on real-life economic and technical information. Quickly and effectively.

Accelerated decision-making
Sustainable area development calls for a proven working method and procedure in order to achieve practical results quickly. There is often little knowledge of each other’s aspirations and financial and sustainability goals. In our experience, stakeholders often regard this process as complex and time-consuming. This is why we have developed HEAT. Stakeholders can use it to accelerate the process of preparing a joint area development plan, while taking into account each other’s interests and ensuring a profitable business case.

Transparent and interactive
Heat producers, users, local authorities, suppliers and other stakeholders enter a recognisable virtual world to experience any range of scenarios based on real-life data. This method enhances transparency, trust, and support, and promotes effective interaction between all stakeholders. This, in turn, ensures that the entire process runs quicker, smoothly and professionally. HEAT increases the chance of a heating grid actually being constructed. It gives stakeholders instant feedback about key issues, such as cutting carbon emissions, cost savings, and security of supply. Interactive simulations show clearly what impact a particular action will have on the design and on the individual and joint business cases. Stakeholders can try out any scenario of their choosing free of charge. HEAT simply promotes transparency, builds support, and speeds up the process.

Taking HEAT further
Since it was first launched in 2013, HEAT has evolved rapidly, both visually and in terms of technology. Working with our partners Tygron and Liandon, we are innovating the product on a daily basis. HEAT has become a mature solution that has earned its place within Alliander Sustainable Area Development’s product range.

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HEAT provides instant feedback about your own actions and those of your partners, providing an immediate and clear understanding of your and their goals and interests, funding, and the sustainability of the design.

Any range of scenarios and designs can be tested without a problem using HEAT. Decision-making is speeded up and projects are implemented quicker.

Realistic simulations, based on real data and smart mathematical models. 3D simulations of the city or neighbourhood that you and your partners wish to make greener.

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